Look for your relevant details off the topic wonder is unnecessary information examples which aren’t dead convincing and are actually be given us or so you may need to move information when the order of the information is in logical more confusing with the thesis have greater impact somewhere else in the essay could any information in the introduction or the conclusion be moved into the body of the innocent and finally things may need to be changed when another word could be to portray the meaning that you’re trying to get across or another example may be stronger to illustrate a point or another source may be more credible well hopefully this video Nature has taught you the basics on how to go about writing an essay which is going to get you a stick to the seven steps that I’ve outlined.

And if you need assistance go to your student learning center let’s finish off and see what some students have to say about writing these things own essay is important because it allows you to get your opinion across to your market your lettre own the first step is to really look at the question and see what is the question asked me and what do you want what I want you to answer and then go away and research find out what the first steps are make nuts make a mind map and then go from there writing essay is not all that complicated it’s just a matter of getting down what do you think onto the pavement well in my opinion you firstly need to understand what the question is asking because if you do not know the gist of the question then you are going to go wrong from the beginning to the end.

So the most important thing for me in essay writing is under specially understanding the question the process to fight for an assignment or an essay I think would be cristobal to go to the question that’s been assigned and really just have a really good look at the question perhaps do some brainstorming arranges really concentrate on what it is that the literature and wants you to answer and to keep going back to there so I think it’s the most people that remember beginning of the process there are several important things as far as I’m concerned the first way to have to make up a peer referencing because is Rama likely for you to have the good result without a proper APA referencing so yes so I think the rim APA referencing is quite important for the first-year student especially for the student whose background is not English and speaking with the paragraphs that each sentence at the beginning seems to correspond to what the paragraphs can be writing an essay can be very difficult I think if you don’t know where you’re going but just reduce it to simple steps it’s much like talking just in painful just reduce it.