I’m toning down the positive results in the first sentence I’m making the positive results more positive I’m giving the whole sentence a bit more of an optimistic feel and the second one they didn’t do what they were supposed to but they did do some good things so I’m weakening the positive results now why would this be a problem because among these is the increase in I’m going to go talk about what these positive results were so I want to make them emphasized ok I want to emphasize the positive results I don’t want to emphasize the fact that the original one the original effects that were meant did not come to pass okay I hope you can see the difference between the two sentences and this is part of syntax how you place things together the word choices you make. Learn how to work with essay`s tone on Robotdon.

How you construct your sentences creates tone and style and a lot of English a lot especially in writing a lot of what is written a lot of what is meant comes in the way it is written more than the words themselves the words in terms of words only in terms of grammar both are grammatically correct both basically deliver the same message the tone is very different okay now just before I go on I just want to make sure you understand while is a conjunction nevertheless is basically a linking term ER transitional means that shows concession it means yes I admit that this is true but this is also true something else the contrast and among is a preposition these is a pronoun a demonstrative pronoun make sure you understand the function of each word and what it’s meant to be doing in the sentence okay next now what I have here I have the last sentence of a paragraph and I have the first sentence of the next paragraph so thus I’m reaching a conclusion the benefits of outsourcing particular components in the manufacturing process make sense for many companies in this countries in this country.

On the other hand the benefits are even more pronounced when one takes into consideration dot so in a quick look does this seem okay to you does this seem correct it shouldn’t there’s a mistake here what is the mistake on the other hand this is a transitional phrase meant to show contrast means I’m going to look at the other side of this particular situation I’m talking about the benefits in the last one in the last paragraph but I’m going to be talking about benefits again especially one particular benefit in the next paragraph so I’m actually not contrasting if anything I’m adding but even more than adding I’m emphasizing one particular benefit so you could say even sorry furthermore to show addition but furthermore is also not the best option to start the next paragraph now why well in the last paragraph I had the word the benefits in the first sentence of the next paragraph I have the benefits again so there is my link.