Effective studying habits can be the difference between an A and a C, or a 3.8GPA and a 2.8.  Not only will you get better grades, but you’ll have to study less to get those better grades.  Sounds great right?

You can develop better studying habits no matter where you are, or how old you are.  All you need is a willingness and a desire to achieve and succeed.  Here are 7 quick things you can implement right now.

  1.  Don’t take breaks when you study!

Well talk about taking breaks later, but when you dedicate time to studying, devote a certain amount of time and stick with it.  For example, if you plan to study for an hour, set a timer for one hour and study.  Do nothing else during that time, and you should even turn off your phone and do not check your email.  This is your studying time, this one hour, and nothing else.  After that hour you can take a break.

  1.  Don’t be afraid to take breaks.

At the end of your continuous hour of studying, give yourself a reward.  If you’ve studied consecutively for that entire hour, you’ve earned your break.  Get up and stretch, and have a sip of water.  The recommended break time after an hour of continuous studying is ten minutes.  Again, set your timer to ten minutes, and when your break is up, get back to work!

  1.  Study in a quiet place.

You should know better than to study while watching television, or with your friends making noise in the same room.  You need a quiet place where you can concentrate!  Studies have shown that people concentrate best when they focus on one thing at a time, and while you may be able to watch television and check your smartphone at the same time, when you study you should only focus on studying.

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