Irrespective of which genre you are trying to get published in – science fiction, romance, children’s market, or any other genre – you likely have questions. This is most commonly the case with new or unpublished authors. The most common questions asked by authors who haven’t yet been published are listed below. Many of the most frequent questions asked by those who are new to the field of publishing are included.

Question: Is it easy to get a book published?

It is certainly a very achievable goal, but you should be aware that most writers only receive rejection letters. With that being said, even if you do receive a rejection letter or even multiple letters for that matter, it is important not to give up. Any well-known and successful authors that you can name only became successful because they did not allow their rejections to stop them. You’ll need to be patient, and allow for time to let you find the right publisher who suits your book the best.

Question: How much money can I make?

As for determining how much money you can make when getting your book published, you will find that it honestly all depends. The deal you make with your publisher, along with the length and genre of your book will make a big difference on how much you are paid. To give you a good idea of what this means, books which are valuable generally tend to be the longer ones, and those books will usually be the ones that turn a larger profit for the writer.

Question: Do I need to have a literary agent?

If you do any research online, you will see a large number of people who advocate getting a literary agent. You will encounter some publishers who will not work with authors without an agent but this is not universally true, however. If you cannot afford the cost of an agent, consider getting your book published on your own first or hiring a literary agent to assist you.

Question: How do I find book publishers?

One of the easiest approaches to take is with the purchase of the Writer’s Market guide or another similar resource. This will be helpful because it will give you specifics in what each publisher is looking for plus it will also outline different publishers by genre. Some other websites give this information, but it is always better to go straight to the source. Many times, these websites will also give outlines of detailed information that is useful to writers and would typically be in a writer’s guide.

Question: What are my chances of being published?

Many things can influence the degree of difficulty in getting your book published. First, it is important to look at how many publishers you are approaching and the more publishers you approach, the better your chances are. The Writer’s Market also puts out a helpful tool that will assist you because it details how many average books a publisher puts out each year. This can also help to give you a good idea as to what your chances of being published are. For a quick recap, always remember that research is essential in picking a great publisher and you are never guaranteed any amount of money.

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