This is page one right this is the moment to which you have lots of readers and they’re all you know falling off the bus okay so that’s your sort of motivation part and then so there’s motivation what are you trying to solve and then there’s contributions now quite a lot of papers do have an explicitly explicitly say the contributions of this paper of this so this is a but a surprisingly large number don’t I would say probably about 5050 and so when you’re I think of it like this the contributions of your paper are like the specification of a program and the body of the paper is like the implementation so when you read the contributions that’s like the spec what you want the reader to do is to think wow . Learn how to get to the page two on Edusson.

If you know that the author could deliver on those promises that would be amazing yeah I want to find out how they can do that what I mean so and so you need to be a bit specific so here’s an example from another paper I wrote so blah blah but this is a sort of tail end of some motivational piece and then I say in this paper we put the choice in the firmer basis and then there’s a sequence of bullets that describe the specific contributions of the paper I personally I would urge you to use that style to literally say the contributions are these and then give a list of bullets because they’re like claims write that in a proof engine they’re like the films that you’re going to prove so you want to say claim one claim to claim foo you probably don’t like that but that’s what you’re thinking right each one is a claim that you are going to substantiate later and that the reader thinks oh and more of it must be a refutable claim let’s see so there are some in irrefutable claims you sometimes see this kind of thing in introductions right.

We study the properties of this formal system you know we describe the Wiswall system and you know and we’ve used wizz was in practice and you think we’re going to tell you about that and again does that make you think this sounds fantastic they’re going to study the properties of a formal system well no it’s an irrefutable hypothesis of course you are going to study the properties of your formal system if that’s what your papers introducing right you are not telling me we do anything new but if you say instead you know this is a sad this is a type system we are going to prove you know we’re going to prove that it’s you know type-checking is the tax system is sound you know they’s you know progress and preservation and that type checking is decidable well now you said something right and put presumably in an earlier bullet you’ve said something about that it’s a type system with some somewhat ambitious aims do you see the difference right so it must be you must state in your contribution something which could be false you know state in the contributions things that could be false got it.

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