Caring is a Good Thing

We all know caring is good.  The challenge is how we extend the caring we feel for ourselves into the world in which we live.  

It's just a matter of mind over matter.

Think about that last "I never knew how I was going to get that done!" project that did got done because it had to get done.  So, have we convinced ourselves yet of our own goodness and incredible gifts?  

Yes, we can do this.

We so got this.

We are all special and gifted.  So let's be unafraid to give more than money.

And, get this.... we can enjoy caring the whole time we choose to do this. 

Feels good, doesn't it?



We can try it in small ways, if it helps to get us going.

Be wise, start small.  Like a seed.  Take time to grow strong... by learning for ourselves and trusting in our learning in time.

It is different for all of us in details, but we could be the same in some ways.

Moreover, caring respects our natures.

We can feed the caring of our selves, not the uncaring for what is not us.  It's more nourishing to feed the caring.

It's a big lake from which to drink, upon reflection.