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What is synthony?

Synthony: (n.) an entity constituted by the fusion of different styles, elements, and practices that contains characteristics of each of the constituents but also exhibits in itself uniquely new characteristics emergent from relationships and behaviors within the group from which it arose  ( see also organizational behavior )

synthony: (n.) the process during which the combination of otherwise discrete entities results in a uniquely new entity with its own cohesive and emergent properties.

from the Latin prefix "syn-" meaning "with or together" and Latin thonus "flower, gift"

Example: The synthony of Western and African music styles can be seen in jazz music and dance.

Example: Water, with its unique properties, is the synthony from the combination of hydrogen and oxygen under certain conditions,.

More coming soon...

How does synthony give us clues as to future beneficial potentials as a result of cooperative relationships?